Lien Services

At the beginning of a collections process, the IRS will file a lien against you. A lien in is a legal claim that it is targeted against your property. Receiving a lien against your property is, of course, a stressful experience that can leave you in a position of fear and uncertainty. This is why it is important to have a CPA on your side. When you need help with IRS negotiation or require lien services in Fort Worth, TX, please call Don R. Walker, C.P.A. at 817-905-1040.

How a Lien Can Hurt You

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We Provide the Necessary IRS Negotiation and Lien Services.

When you receive a lien against your property from the IRS, ignoring it will only make things worse; the IRS will continue down a collection path once they have begun and will not stop until they have received what they think you owe them. At the point at which a lien is filed against your property, the lien applies to all of your property; this includes your home, intellectual property, vehicles and more. Because of this, selling your assets becomes incredibly difficult.

A lien on your property becomes public record and will damage your credit score.  It will appear on your home’s title in a title search and can even prevent you from opening new bank accounts or credit cards. With lien services in Fort Worth, TX, you can solve this issue with the help of a professional CPA.

IRS Negotiation

At this point in the collections process, your debt is now considered a secured debt because the lien on your property ensures you have the incentive to rectify the matter. The IRS now has the right to collect money from your property sales as a means of procuring the money they believe you owe them. It is important to have proper IRS representation so you do not get taken advantage of by them.

Facing IRS liens is unpleasant and stressful but with a knowledgeable CPA, there is still hope. Having reliable IRS negotiation and lien services in Fort Worth, TX can lead to less stress for you and better solutions for your problems. Remember, don’t put off dealing with IRS liens, they will not go away without proper negotiation. A lien is only the first step in the process; the IRS will next resort to levies. If you are facing an IRS lien on your property, contact us today at 817-905-1040 for quality assistance. We can provide you with the necessary tax settlement services.