Back Sales Tax Compliance

Whether you have a small business, large corporation or an online company out of your home, you’re still required to fulfill your sales tax obligations. Unfortunately, the rules and procedures for reporting these taxes can be confusing. Even so, if you fail to remit the proper amount of sales tax, it can be considered fraud by the IRS. What could happen? You may face not only large penalties and fines, but possibly imprisonment.

We’re here to help you make things right with the IRS; if you’re in need of back sales tax compliance help in Fort Worth, please give Don R. Walker a call right away. Some issues are best handled by a professional CPA, and back sales tax compliance is one of them. Contact us for help as soon as you can.

Back tax resolution services

Why should you become compliant in this area? Because it’s a very serious matter. If you don’t, you could lose your business and a substantial amount of money in fines. 

Still, if you find yourself in trouble for failing to pay the proper amount of back taxes for your business, it may have been the result of an accounting mistake. There are ways to approach the government to resolve these kinds of issues; in some cases, you can be offered amnesty. But, it’s important to have an experienced, professional CPA on your side to help you throughout the process.

In order to figure out if you owe back sales taxes in the first place, you should start with the location of your “sales tax nexus,” which is the location (or locations) where you’ve done the most business. In any state you have a nexus, you’ll need to have collected taxes there. You should also be sure to check for any sales tax rate changes, because these can occur at any time.

If you’ve already received notification that you’ve failed to pay proper sales taxes, give us a call for immediate help. Don R. Walker offers professional, reliable back sales tax compliance help in Fort Worth; he’s here to assist you throughout the entire process. Contact us today to get started.