Tax Settlement

Fort Worth IRS Negotiation

If you are facing IRS liens, levies or seizures, and you are uncertain of what to do next, give us a call. We can help you explore your options for a tax settlement in Fort Worth. Negotiating with the IRS is not always easy, and it is helpful to have someone who understands all the tax laws and rules that can use them to your advantage. That is why hiring a professional CPA can be extremely beneficial in alleviating the frustration of IRS collections.

When the IRS believes you owe them back taxes, they begin a process of collecting that money. They begin with placing liens on your property, and then proceed down the path to the seizure of your assets. The earlier on in the process that you seek professional help the better. When a CPA like Don R. Walker can negotiate early on with the IRS in your collections process, there is a better chance for you to not lose your property and assets. We will help you understand all of the following steps of the IRS collection process:

We will help you determine how much the IRS believes you owe them; we will also help you explore the possibility of an offer in compromise. We will walk you through the entire process of tax settlement and try to find you the best solution available.

No one should have to face the stress of Fort Worth tax settlements alone. In fact, we don’t recommend it at all. The idea of losing what you own to the IRS is extremely terrifying; we want to help alleviate your fears. Don’t put off negotiating with the IRS. Once they believe you owe them money, they will not stop until they get what they are after. But, with a professional CPA on your side, you have a better chance of finding a solution that will satisfy both you and the IRS.

Call Don R. Walker today to discuss your Fort Worth tax settlement IRS negotiation needs. Get a professional CPA in your corner!